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Forgotten, Lost, Abducted, and Experimented on.

In the future, a bunch of genetically altered kids escape their unlawful captors and attempt to assimilate and hide. Unable to go back to any kind of life they once new, they must deal with their new physical afflictions - and learn to live with and accept each other's differences.


   But not all  hope is lost. Mistakes were made, and there is family looking for them. And change is on the horizon for the staff of the research center. When everyone is scared, what will it take to find bravery?

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benny high noon original charcter story comic

High Noon


Meet Benny. She's your typical high school wanna-be journalist. She's just moved from sunny California to Binghamton NY for the sake of her family. But she discovers that there is much more going on in this sleepy little town than she ever could have imagined.


Do you ever start re-writing a story in your head, and it gets away from you? This story is heavily inspired by reader dissatisfaction with a certain modern vampire and werewolf story, and my admiration of characters like Nancy Drew and Lois Lane. I wondered "how could this be better" and found out very quickly how different it could be.

Further Found


   Portals to another world. Fun, right? WRONG. You know what's in other worlds? Foreign cultures. Plants you don't recognize. No electricity or running water. Not knowing if your family is okay, or if they're looking for you. You're just stranded.


   My name is Alexander Lauren and I discovered a portal to another world. The problem? I can't seem to find my way back. I crash-landed into a soldier who says he can take me to the capital city, and that maybe someone there can get me home. I don't know if I can trust him, but what other choice do I have?

Art Piece
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