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Tarot-Inspired Pirate Patch Set

Tarot-Inspired Pirate Patch Set


These tarot-inspired art patches are made with original art created by ProfessorFlowers, fashioned after The Tower (featuring Stede Bonnet) and The Star (featuring Edward Teach/Blackbeard) based on the fictional characters as portrayed in Our Flag Means Death. The art was carefully adapted into patch form with color-matched thread and detailed stitching.




Made with fabric backing and flat threading, these custom woven patches have highly detailed designs with a thin but durable finish. They're ideal for ironing onto jackets, bags or other stiff fabrics, but can also be framed or kept wherever they spark joy.



3x5 inches (7.62 x 12.7 cm)

8 thread colors

Taffeta base

Iron-on backing

Merrowed border


Our Flag Means Death is a comedic and romantic historical fiction about gay pirates created by David Jenkins. No official show materials were used in the making of this product and it is not licensed or created by HBO or any of its affiliate companies.

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